Rethreading / Restringing

Necklace and Bracelet Rethreading / Restringing Service

I offer a complete rethreading / restringing service for your treasured necklace or bracelet in need of repair or alteration and I specialise in the rethreading of delicate items such as Pearl. Providing a personalised local service in Northamptonshire, I am also more than happy to take necklace and bracelet repair work from throughout the UK. 

I am based in Northamptonshire and have over 10 years professional experience of jewellery repair, being proficient in both plain and knotted rethreading / restringing work, with any type of necklace or bracelet, including Pearl and Gemstones. I use genuine silk thread for all Pearl rethreading / restringing work.

  • Rethreading / restringing and repair or alteration of your treasured necklace or bracelet
  • Specialising in the rethreading of delicate items such as Pearl necklaces
  • Genuine high quality Silk thread used for Pearl necklace and bracelet rethreading / restringing work - beware of rethreading / restringing using inferior materials
  • Over 10 years professional experience of jewellery repair
  • Proficient in all types of necklace and bracelet rethreading / restringing, including plain, knotted and graduated
  • Based in Northamptonshire, offering local collection, or rethreading and repairs by registered post
  • Rethreading / Restringing prices start from just £12 for a simple necklace or bracelet


A Fast Turnaround and Personalised Service

Pearl rethreading, sometimes referred to as restringing, is a dying art, with many stores no longer equipped for even the simplest jewellery repair these days, most now sending your necklace or bracelet away for rethreading / restringing at 3rd party repair centres, increasing overheads which are typically passed on in the price to you, the customer, and also increasing turnaround time for the repair.

I am however fully equipped to carry out all repair work myself in my Northamptonshire workshop, and can therefore offer a very fast turnaround on rethreading / restringing, as well as a personalised service.

High Quality Materials

For rethreading a Pearl necklace or bracelet I always use high quality silk. Please beware of cheap alternatives utilising inferior materials, which are unlikely to last as long - "Restringing" should not mean simply that, and for this reason I prefer the term "Rethreading", particularly when dealing with Pearls.

As a jewellery maker I am proficient in the use of a wide variety of materials and techniques, so can if you wish carry out rethreading / restringing using a number of alternative materials. I can fit quality replacement clasps, make subtle alterations, or even completely redesign your old necklace or bracelet.

Care of Your Jewellery

A lot of my work is the rethreading / restringing or alteration of family heirlooms such as high quality pearl necklaces, many of which have great sentimental value. Working with jewellery has been my life's love for over 10 years, and you can rest assured that I will treat your treasured items with that same love and care - I take great pride in my work and will carry out your rethreading / restringing repair the right way. I can usually collect and return your necklace or bracelet personally within Northamptoshire, or via registered post throughout the UK.

Pricing and More Details

Necklace and bracelet rethreading / restringing prices start from just £12 which includes collection and return of your items within the Northamptonshire area. Prices vary depending upon the length and complexity of the item for rethreading / restringing, but I before I start work I will always give you a fixed quote for the repair, which I will stick to without exception. For the rest of the UK (if you live outside Northamptonshire) you can still benefit from my rethreading / restringing service by sending your necklace or bracelet for repair by registered post from throughout the UK.

For more information, please fill out my rethreading / restringing enquiry form below, including a brief description of the items for repair, and I will get back to you as soon as I can, normally within 24 hours. To help me give a better idea of the price, you can upload a photo of the item if you have one.


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